November 8th Professional Workshop (Note SECOND SATURDAY not 3rd)


izzy gasellFacilitation: The Art of Helping Groups

Build Consensus, Maximize Participation, and Move Towards Action!  

with Izzy Gesell, CSP

Facilitators help people and organizations determine clear solutions to organizational pressures. They have an ability to help groups solve problems before they become crises by helping everyone to reach goals and realistic solutions. They also help meetings and groups be more productive.

This session will examine some of the principles and practices that professional facilitator’s use.

You will leave knowing what facilitation is, how you might use it personally and professionally, and what resources are available for further help and research.

“More organizations today actively want expert speakers who are more than just entertaining or insightful. They also want a facilitator who increases audience engagement and interaction. Izzy is a master at what we all need to increase both audience impact but also the success of our return and referral rates.  Make sure you join us for another “Wow!” NSAHouston Professional Workshop.”  - Dr. Rob Pennington, NSAHouston President.

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