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“Storytelling Mastery That Grows Your Business” – with Doug Stevenson, CSP

Program description:

In the speaking business, it’s not only about content; it’s about connection. You have to connect deeply and be amazing. Your unique stories are what set you apart in the marketplace. Good stories won’t do it. They have to be great.

A great story is more like a movie than a report. It captures the listener’s imagination and draws them inside the action.  Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method combines acting, comedy and storytelling techniques within the context of keynote speeches, training and business presentations. Learn to use stories in a way that markets and sell you as a speaker, while simultaneously making a powerful point.  You can transform your stories from good to AMAZING using the Story Theater Method!

Learn to:

  • Identify your most powerful and effective stories
  • Discover how the Nine Steps of Story Structure can make your story better
  • Use acting and comedy techniques
  • Harness the power of dramatic silence
  • Discover the magic of the 3-dimensional experience
  • Brand your message so you are memorable and marketable
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Doug will coach two volunteers on their stories so you can see how subtle acting techniques immediately increase the humor and dramatic power of a story.

With his proven Story Theater Method, Doug can teach you to use stories so effectively that your audience members become raving fans. They will love your stories and they’ll tell other people about them, leading to more bookings and higher fees. Join Doug and learn storytelling mastery that grows your business!


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