NSA Houston Professional Workshop

Saturday, September 23rd @ 8:30 am

NEW LOCATION:  United Way – Greater Houston


“Ask Outrageously: The Secret to Getting What You Really Want in the Speaking Business

Linda Byars Swindling, JD, CSP

Linda Swindling, JD, CSP

Have you ever wondered what you are leaving on the table because you haven’t been comfortable asking for more?

What do you say when a prospect asks you to take less money?

How do you maintain a relationship yet respond powerfully when a client begins to “scope creep” or asks you to do more without increasing your payment?

What would be possible if you knew how to pursue winning deals and influence from strength?

During this program, Linda will provide you with the 10 negotiation mistakes speakers make, and actionable steps to avoid them. Linda has updated and customized this program to include information that will help those whose businesses have been or will be impacted by the long-term effects of Hurricane Harvey on the Houston economy.

You will learn:

  • The top reason most speakers fail during negotiations
  • How to talk money without getting flustered
  • Why most negotiation tactics won’t work
  • How to be heard and communicate powerfully with CEOs and decision makers
  • Why being willing to look “stupid” can make you negotiate smarter
  • Ways to bullet-proof your position and why people really tell you “no”
  • How asking outrageously can result in outstanding outcomes
  • How to negotiate the “upside” when everything is upside down: specific ideas for keeping your speaking business thriving in a post-Hurricane Harvey world!

We know, with all that’s going on in many members’ lives right now, it will be EASY to find reasons, legitimate reasons even, to skip this meeting, but DON’T. This meeting is going to be the push that will help you put Harvey in your rear-view window quickly!

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Linda has offered to facilitate a customized afternoon intensive for our members to address specific concerns of members businesses who are or will be impacted by Hurricane Harvey. In this session, she will give you a specific process she used with her clients post-9/11 to get yourself and your clients “unstuck” and refocused. You’ll learn how to let go of the old and start considering new opportunities and new directions and create a specific plan to move forward. You’ll also learn how to help your clients do the same!

Linda is donating her time, so this session will be no cost to attendees, but you must register separately using the button below!

About Linda 

Linda Swindling knows first-hand about high-stakes negotiations. From the courtroom to the boardroom, she has taught others how to speak so that others will listen. Linda is a Certified Speaking Professional, a former Vistage Chair, and a TEDxSMU presenter. She calls herself a “recovering attorney.” The author of the recently released, Ask Outrageously: The Secret to Getting What You Really Want, Linda has authored or co-authored more than 20 books including Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How to Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done, The Manager’s High-Performance Handout, and The Consultant’s Legal Guide (co-authored with Elaine Biech). Creator of the popular Passports to Success book series.

Linda has served as president of NSA-North Texas, as a national officer & director of NSA, and as a past chair of NSA’s Cavett Academy, the Meetings Industry Council, and Speaker magazine. Currently, she serves on the Board of Trustees for the NSA Foundation and as the NSA Foundation’s scholarship chair.

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